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Long before we had the internet at our fingertips and before computers weighed less than five pounds, there was a period where computers were a new and exciting technological phenomenon. Nowadays, we expect our computers to work lightning fast, connect to Wi-Fi from anywhere, and pick them up and take them with us wherever we […]

If you’ve ever been to a concert and in between a song break or a lull in the show, heard someone shout from the back of the crowd, “Free Bird!”, there’s actually a fascinating history behind it. The 1973 song by Lynyrd Skynyrd is a nine-minute long (sometimes even longer when played live) piece that […]

Microsoft last week joined other tech giants in pledging that it would not sell its facial recognition technology to law enforcement. But despite the public promise to protect privacy, a Microsoft-developed intricate system of surveillance technology remains in use on New York City streets, which critics say allows officers to keep tabs on citizens without […]

Legendary rock and roll/folk artist Neil Young is 74 years old, but that doesn’t stop him from continuing to tour around the world and making and releasing music for his fans. The Harvest Moon singer began his musical career in the sixties with the band Buffalo Springfield and then later joining in Crosby, Stills, Nash, […]

President Donald Trump signed an executive order on Thursday that targets social media platforms and the content on their sites.  The executive order aims to remove the protections of Section 230 in the Communications Decency Act. By repealing Section 230, social networks would be legally responsible for what people post on their platforms. The law […]

In any other year, San Francisco Giants’ right-fielder Hunter Pence would be in the outfield catching fly balls on a given weeknight. Instead, he’s inside his home playing World of Warcraft. But Major League Baseball (MLB) players like Pence that are turning to video games aren’t just in it for a leisurely hobby (although it […]