Social Media

The most important social media I have done is for my own branding. I’ve taught myself how to create and operate a Facebook business page through my page, Middle Ground Reiki. I’ve created and ran my own adds, scheduled posts, and continuously figure out the best types of content to reach beyond my current clients.

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Even though the Hyde Park Herald’s focus was still a weekly print publication, we were constantly trying to engage with more of our readers through social media. As a reporter, I tweeted out breaking news as it happens, as well as come up with new, engaging ways to interact with the community through our social pages. I helped bring back their Instagram and create more of a presence on the platform.


As an intern at Imagination Publishing, I worked heavily with the social media side of the editorial process. I was in charge of creating post copy for original and curated content for’s Facebook page during Feburary and March of 2015.

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I also created all social posts for Arch Chemicals’ Facebook pages, POOL Lifestyle and Leisure Time, during March 2015.


When I was hired as the Editor-in-Chief of CUSP Magazine, they lacked a solid social strategy for their various pages. I created social media guidelines for their Facebook, Instagram and Twitter accounts. Our page likes and views grew because of the social strategies I implemented.

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