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Key Takeaways The eighth annual World Emoji Day is Saturday, July 17. Experts say emoji use has almost doubled in recent years and changes meaning the same way regular slang does.  The future of emoji could be a better way to discover and use the lesser-known emoji on our keyboards. Emoji have come a long […]

Key Takeaways Tech companies dominate the social media landscape, but many users want more from their experiences.  New platforms that offer authenticity and new tech like augmented reality could be a welcome addition for some users.  Experts say the future of social media lies in the technology available in the coming years.  Social media in […]

Disinformation is hiding in plain sight around every corner of the internet, even in the places we trust. However, the solution could be much more scaled-down, experts say. The answer is to start local.  As part of the Week of Action Against Disinformation hosted by MediaJustice and the Disinfo Defense League, dozens of civil rights […]

Big tech companies like Google, Amazon, and Microsoft have already taken over Silicon Valley, but the tech giants seem to be eyeing a second area and industry to conquer: outer space. Microsoft has become the latest Big Tech company to cash in on space satellites, announcing a partnership with its Azure platform and SpaceX earlier […]

A mobile-only platform coupled with the uncertainty of the global pandemic led Quibi to its quick demise. After just six months of existence, the short-form streaming service app Quibi announced on Wednesday it was shutting down. It entered an already-crowded field, competing with Netflix, Hulu, Disney+, and Amazon Prime Video (among many others) for a […]

Elon Musk’s ambitious goals for Neuralink were put on display last week in a live demonstration, but neuroscientists are still skeptical about the company’s long-term plans to build a brain-machine interface.  Neuralink is an implant that directly interfaces with a person’s brain, reading signals from the brain, and even altering it to fix problems. Musk said he eventually […]