A10 Demonstrates What Local Can Do

A10 is showing its customers that their favorite fruit or vegetable can be incorporated into just about any dish.

The restaurant has partnered up with local farms and gardens to present its “Tour the Garden” dinner series.

Every Wednesday from now until Aug. 26, A10 will feature one fruit or vegetable in each dish of a four-course meal. Executive Chef Josef Giacomino said he wants to show people that these foods can be used in different ways.

“The dinner series is a window into the versatility that these different fruits or vegetables provide us,” he said.

The produce is freshly grown from gardens as far as Michigan, and as close as a couple blocks away from A10.

The restaurant has collaborated with Planted Chicago, which has a garden on 47th Street, for their carrot dinner, as well as the 61st Street Farmer’s Market.

Customers can expect the unexpected when it comes to these unique dishes. Giacomino said he served a beet soft serve for dessert, and the reactions were surprising.

“People were questionable, to say the least, but it ended up being a huge hit and is actually now on our regular menu,” he said.

He has also incorporated peaches into a savory course. Mixing up the opposite flavors of sweet and savory has proven to be a success for him.

“So far it has been received well and it is great seeing people’s reaction to trying food they know in different ways,” Giacomino said.

The restaurant will feature squash on Aug. 5, melon on Aug. 12, tomato on Aug. 19 and sweet corn on Aug. 26.

[Via: Hyde Park Herald]

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