When Laura Tiensuu’s employer switched to fully remote working, instead of creating a home-office space, she saw a chance to do something she has always wanted: become a digital nomad, working, traveling and living in a van. Since last year, Tiensuu and her partner have traveled across Europe in their customized van, working their different […]

Record players used to be a thing of the past. With technological advances over the years like the portable CD player, the iPod, and music streaming services, the novelty of owning a record player just didn’t make sense. However, that’s not the case anymore. According to the Recording Industry Association of America, vinyl record sales hit […]

Sustainability has become a huge factor for many consumers, and people are looking for more eco-friendly options. While you might not think of tech as good for the environment, many tech companies — and smartphones — are going green. The tech industry is responsible for tons of electronic waste and 2% to 3% of the […]

The continued rollout of 5G will impact various industries in many ways. Here’s a few to watch out for. The deployment of 5G has taken a few years, and the major mobile carriers are still rolling out their 5G networks. However, 5G companies are hoping that 2022 is a pivotal year for 5G and the time – […]

Key Takeaways A new MIT study shows how robots can socially interact with each other and understand the differences between those interactions. Eventually, MIT researchers hope the model will work on robot and human interactions. Researchers say quantifying social interactions won’t help just robotics, but also the automotive industry, healthcare, and more. When we think […]