Animal Clinic Celebrates 50 Years in Business

In celebration of 50 years of serving the local community and its pets, Markham Animal Clinic threw an anniversary party Sunday.

Employees past and present and some top clients were invited to celebrate and reflect on the clinic’s successes and its reputation for being community-oriented.

“We have generations of families that trust us with their animals because they have come to us from a young age,” said Dr. Heidi Hoogeweg, the clinic’s hospital director.

The party included games, prizes and a raffle drawing. Doctors of different generations returned to the clinic for the party, including some who began their veterinary careers there, such as Dr. Paul Taylor. He worked at Markham Animal Clinic from 1972 to 1973 as his first job out of college.

“This is where I learned the most about the business and how the field operates. A lot of the knowledge I gained early on I owe to this place,” said Taylor, who drove 250 miles from Toledo, Ohio to attend the anniversary event.

Dr. Jack Titolo, an associate veterinarian at the clinic since 1997, said it’s not uncommon for people to travel long distances to come to the clinic. He said loyal clients live as far as the northern suburbs and in Indiana.

Titolo said he has worked at a number of animal clinics and hospitals but believes Markham is the best when it comes to caring about its clients.

“People care about what they do here,” he said. “I love animals, but I love people, too, and I love the relationship between them both.”

Dr. Jorg Hoogeweg started the clinic in 1965, and his children inherited a love of animals.

His son, Dr. Frank Hoogeweg, a veterinarian at Cedar Way Veterinary Clinic in New Lenox, said the family passion for animals goes beyond the work day.

“We talk about animals whenever we get together,” he said. “We have a professional respect for each other and value each other’s opinions when it comes to our practices.”

Markham Animal Clinic recently was certified by the American Association of Feline Practitioners as a cat-friendly practice. Heidi Hoogeweg, Jorg’s daughter, said the certification means a veterinarian has had special training for handling cats. Each cat-friendly practice has demonstrated its dedication to increasing the quality of care that cats get, according to the American Association of Feline Practitioners website.

“When it comes down to it, it’s about knowing how to handle all types of situations with all types of animals as they come,” she said.

She said a big part of the clinic’s success is the love of animals shared by the clinic and its patrons.

“We take pride in our clients because they love animals just as much as we do,” she said. “It’s an effort on both ends to take care of the animals we all love.”

[Via: The Daily Southtown]

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