IDEA: Chicago Tech Will Change the World

Last week was Techweek in Chicago; one week of pure, geeked-out techies sharing the newest devices, programs, and ideas in the tech world.

But really, Techweek isn’t about nerds coming together to talk tech, but more so intellectuals coming together to talk about how tech can help innovate and improve our cities.

You can tell how Chicago is learning and depending on technology, as well as the city’s enthusiasm about it, by the success of Techweek and the growing innovative landscape in Chicago.

One panel described it as the “tech ecosystem”, in Thursday’s State of Innovation in Chicago Tech discussion. Chicago is increasingly becoming more adapted and fueled by technology, creating smarter communities and more opportunities.

Brenna Berman, the Chief Information Officer for the city, explained in detail the steps being taken towards modernizing Chicago through technology. Some upcoming initiatives for the city include digitalizing libraries through cyber navigation, paperless initiatives, and a 311 app that will make city improvements quicker and easier.

Berman also said that by 2017, every student in the Chicago Public School system will have a device connecting them with the internet…a pretty big step in both technology and education.

The most important thing stressed about Chicago’s innovative plan is that the power of technology is only driven by the people who use and benefit it.

“All of the infrastructure in the world isn’t worth anything if people don’t know how to use it,” Berman explained.

What we can anticipate for the state of innovation in Chicago was displayed at Techweek through both attendees and companies. There was an enthusiasm for tech as a tool of change and the entrepreneur spirit that will be the keys in changing Chicago’s innovative landscape.

“It’s about allowing change to occur and be a part of something new,” Chris Taylor, General Manager of Uber Chicago, said in Thursday’s panel.

You can expect all fields to participate in this change: weather, education, community, environment, engineering, etc. to better the city.

Chicago is like no other city in the world, and the creative collaboration between technology and the city’s various departments will prove it.

[Via: The Idea Forge]

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