Hurt Everybody: Not Your Average Joe’s

Chicago is a city full of great music, and is especially known for the hip-hop artists that come out of the music realm. Kanye West, Lupe Fiasco, and Chief Keef all call Chicago home, and rising hip-hop group Hurt Everybody hopes to fall into the category of these famed rappers some day.

Supa Bwe, Carl, and Mulatto make up Hurt Everybody, a musical collaboration that is fertilizing the soil of music and therefore changing the landscape.

When asked what their name means, they said, “Hurt Everybody is about how change hurts. We are here to break apart the structure of the music industry and redistribute the power, and by doing so, we are going to hurt a lot of people but open a lot of minds.”

Each member agreed that their music represents the multi-faceted culture that is Chicago. Hailing from different neighborhoods of Chicago, they see all the things the city has to offer, and share their experiences as well.

After forming only ten months ago, the trio is at a make or break point in their career, but they are on the right path.

“We are all at the same life points right now, and that main focus is this music. We love music, and all of our lives reflect that,” they said.

Supa, Carl, and Mulatto all came from music before Hurt Everybody, so they all bring something different to the table. While one is good at producing, the other succeeds in mixing the raps, and the other helps co-manage the group.

“While we all lack something, each member makes up for what the other may lack. We are like a symbiotic relationship in that way,” they said.

By learning to work together and building a bond as three young men, they have succeeded in realizing and forming their brand and their music. They said they represent what they want to see from the world, in music and in everything else.

“Everything starts with ideas and we want to put innovative ideas into kid’s heads. We push out this kind of groundbreaking material so they have good things to extract from,” they said.

While they all can agree that musicians acquire distress from people who represent how the world turns, what they do and say is everything that they have been through.

Staying true to their experience and themselves, Hurt Everybody makes their own moves and no one is telling them what to do except themselves.

“We are not chasing trends but rather making our own. Our music is like a grab bag, it’s always music and always us, but different every time,” they said.

Their numbers are proving that their method works. In 2013, the group had only 11,000 plays, but as of November 2014, their plays have reached 2 million. Their high energy shows and musical conversation with the audience will take them to that next level.

“In the future, we want to play festivals and bigger shows with bigger names. We want it to be non-stop,” they said.

For the near future, they are working on their next project by making beats and getting the production ready to drop an EP early next year. They will be playing a show on December 19 at Lincoln Hall with Lucki Ecks and January 9 at Reggies with Alex Wiley.

Hurt Everybody will be in everybody’s heads soon enough, because the group has high hopes and soaring goals.

“We have been given a breeze of wind, and we have taken that into full flight. It’s time to lift off.”

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