“David Bowie Is” Changes the Expectations for Museum Exhibits

If you haven’t visited The Museum of Contemporary Art’s David Bowie exhibit, lose your “Sense of Doubt”. From now until January 4, 2015, “David Bowie Is” showcases a unique look at the life and career of the “Life on Mars” singer.

For $25, or $15 with a student ID, you can explore the extraordinary work of one of the greatest performers of our time. Organized chronologically, the exhibit provides headphones that takes visitors on a journey from the beginning of the Bowie boom. With ground-breaking technology, sensors are used to pin your location and deliver the sound or narrative that directly correlates with what you are looking at.

Included in the exhibit are original letters, photos, and notes that provide an insight into Bowie’s success and self-creation. The exhibit guides you through his earliest work, with his famous songs such as “Space Oddity” and “Heroes” playing in the background.

One of the best parts of the exhibit is the showcase of Bowie’s elaborate and one of a kind costumes; from flamboyant suites to colorful coats that the artist wore during famous performances.

Even non-Bowie fans will get a kick out of the 1970’s music and learning of the overall growth and history of the music industry, which David Bowie so led.

According to the museum’s first chief content officer, Susan Chen, the exhibit is set to see 150,000 visitors to the stellar set up. The exhibit is open to the public Tuesday through Friday starting at 10 a.m. until varied hours, and Saturday and Sunday from 9 a.m. until 6 p.m.

Unlike other museum exhibits, “David Bowie Is” provides a fresh look on how to display and engage visitors in a fully immersed experience.

You can grab your tickets here.

[Via: CUSP Magazine]

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